Education + Coaching

Hi, I’m Dana!

I’m passionate about HAIR, Empowering Women and Team Building!

I have been in the hair industry since 2006. I have built clientelle in 3 seperate towns and now own Flaunt Salon in Orangeville.

I am a hair colour educator and believe stongly as women,  we need to push each other up, be positive and empathetic towards each other.

“When I think of the clients that I’m excited about and the ones that I’m generally trying to appeal to it is mainly working moms.  It’s an experience for hard working moms trying to juggle it all and hold it all together.  These moms have relationships, children, businesses and careers. They have money to spend on their hair but also value a good price and deals.  They work hard and want value for their money. 


For these women, A trip to the salon is a treat.  Every few wks or months it’s their trip away from the kids and work and a chance to have a small vacation from life’s chaos.  Their time with me is a chance to be pampered.  When they sit in my chair they know they can expect a full consultation every time and new or fresh ideas every visit if they want to make changes. Never staying “ stuck” in the same style for to long. 


After a thorough consultation they can enjoy a chance to relax knowing it’s all completely in my hands without them worrying how it will turn out.  They have my undivided one on one attention during their appointment and they are confident every visit will have exceptional results and they will be educated how to maintain their look or colour at home.  Every client will leave their appointment feeling like their money and time was well spent.  They feel confident and excited about their style and because of that feel more confident in themselves.  My chair is a place where we can talk about relationships, kids, work and life with no fear of judgement.  It’s your time to just be a girl and relax.  Have some laughs with some other women who totally get where you are at.  A chance to take out your messy bun or give your boring mom bob some sass. 


In my salon we laugh. We laugh a lot.  Life’s stress and pressures can be overwhelming so your salon time is a chance to unwind.  Come laugh with me, get relaxed and leave with amazing hair.

This is the experience I imagine for my clients. This is what I hope they talk about when they discuss my salon.”

One on One Coaching

I offer one on one coaching for stylists who want;


  • to increase their clientelle
  • technical colour / cut training
  • to increase client retention
  • to enjoy going to work everyday
  • to empower other women
  • professional colour education